Yanagihara Milling Machine Co., Ltd. handles a wide variety of flour milling machines including the roll flour mill, which is our core product, stone-milling flour mills, and related equipment such as mixers, sieves and decorticating machines. In addition, Yanagihara will design and construct for the purpose of productivity improvement and labor saving, from small-scale flour milling facilities where only one flour mill is installed, to large-scale flour milling plants where more than 20 are deployed.

STRENGTH Yanagihara's Capability

Since the development of the first roll flour mill in 1946 and the recognition of its excellent performance, Yanagihara's flour milling machines have been favored by everyone in Japan. As a manufacturer of small flour milling machines, we utilize technology inherited from our reputable machines to meet the diversifying needs of the flour milling industry to make a variety of powder products including wheat flour, buckwheat flour, rice flour, and spices. We also manufacture and sell flour-related equipment such as stone-milling flour mills, Brown Buckwheat Decorticators, and mixers, as well as providing design and installation services for flour-milling plants.